Boiler Servicing & Repair

Flexible Appointments
Life doesn't have to go on hold to have your boiler serviced - take advantage of our flexible service appointments and have it done at a time that suits you - Daytime, Evening or Weekends

Service or Safety Check?
Whacking a probe in a boiler does not mean it's been serviced. All boilers require different levels of service and to check it's working properly and spot any early problems it's needs a bit of taking apart... For peace of mind and to avoid confusion all our services come with a documented Saftey Check and a Documemted Service Certificate

My Boiler is only a Year old - does it need servicing?
It will if you want to keep your Warranty or Guarantee! All manufacturers require you to complete annual servicing to uphold your cover - check the small print.

Can I bypass a service and just make sure it's safe?
Of course - you just need a safety check. Ours are fully documented and Certification is provided

Will you be on time?
If we arrive outside our time slot we won't charge you - you bet we will be there on time!

No Worries! Over the years we have found that most Broken Boilers are not even Broken Boilers! Usually an external component or things like air locks are to blame - either way no one wants to be cold and cold showers just aren't cool.

  • Simple, reliable service and fixed price quotes
  • Geunine Spare parts
  • Same day service available
  • No tooth sucking
  • No grumpy Plumbers here

Call Direct to engineer to arrange a repair!